WR100 Is An Advanced Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

The WR100 model is a semi-automatic wrapping machine for palletized loads suitable for every shape, dimension and weight using stretch film. Provide with a digital control panel that allows, in a very easy and functional way, the programs management and the wrapping parameters set-up.

Key Features
  • For pallets of height up to 2100/ 2500/ 2800 mm
  • Needs 1100 mm radius additional to the product radius to operate
  • Safety bumper
  • Acoustic and lighting indicator CE
  • 2 x 24V battery with incorporated battery charger
  • Handlebar for easy motorized robot moving
  • Side guiding wheel with adjustable height level
  • Rear forklifting
  • Advanced control panel
  • Friendly control panel
  • Film carriage with clutch (mechanical or electromagnetic) or powered prestrech (up to 200%)
  • Pallet height photocell
  • Up to 200 pallets without recharging (W 800 x L 1200 x H 1800)
  • Emergency wheel
Key Features
  • Masts for pallet up to 2600 mm / 2800 mm
  • Automatic film cutting device in the powered prestretch carriage (PST)
  • Remote control
  • Special photocell for black film or colored products
  • Gel batteries
  • Photocell to detect black film or colored products
  • Electric panel heating kit for working temperatures between -5° and +5°C
  • Pressing unit for unstable pallet
  • PLC with Touch Screen HMI
  • Safety fences and anti-intrusion barriers
  • Access ramp