MS70 Is AAutomatic & Semi-Automatic Welding Bar Machines.

Automatic and semi-automatic welding bar machines with in-feed motorized belt conveyor.

Key Features
  • MS70 L/AL models represent the maximum simplification in bundling machines
  • They are made with a single supporting structure
  • MS70 L/AL models shrink single or grouped items with polyethylene film
  • Max package width depends on package height
  • Welding bar with film cutting blade (no smoke during welding phase) operated by pneumatic cylinder
  • PE shrink film 35 to 100 μm
  • Work surface height: 850 +/-25mm
  • Air consumption: 8 NL/min + 6 bar air supply needed
  • Power supply: option between 3phase 220V & 3phase 400V + Neutral
  • Safety photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar if it finds an obstacle on its trajectory
  • Automatic upper & lower reel film unwinding system with pinch rolls
  • Max shrink film reels diameter: 350 mm, thickness: from 35 to 100 micron
  • Shrink tunnel isolated with rock wool and heated by resistances
  • Forced ventilation with air recycling
  • Temperature control of the sealing bar and the tunnel with PID temperature controllers
  • Tunnel conveyor belt controlled by adjustable speed gear motor in steel fine net with side chains
  • Switch for changing between automatic cycle and manual/semi-automatic cycle with pedal start

  • Product containment guides after the welding bar
  • Pack cooling unit installed at tunnel exit
  • Self-dimensioning to product with mechanical pressing unit for unstable products
  • Film presser roller unit
  • Product protection lateral guides positioned inside the tunnel
  • Machine mounted on casters
  • Conveyor section with thick rollers positioned under the package cooling unit at the exit. Ideal for good bundling of products that are group packaged only by film
  • Film spool insertion rollers (upper and lower) to facilitate the operator for the spool change
  • Signal system indicating the end of the film reel
  • Automatic upper and lower film spool centring system by means of a hand wheel